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If you're looking to sample wines grown by local and family owned wineries, traveling a wine trail is a perfect place to start. Considering that you can find at least one or two wineries in every US state, wine trails are becoming more and more common and a popular tourist activity in many states. Venturing out onto a wine trail can be a scenic and efficient way to go wine tasting in a short period of time. Wine trails are most often created through a collaborative effort of local wineries, and their state's tourism & transportation departments. These "Official" wine trails can be the most reliable, if you're new to wine tasting. Given that state agencies work in conjunction with the wineries, you are most likely to be touring wineries with a long standing reputation of good quality and service. Additionally, because the transportation departments are involved in the process, portions of state highways are designated as wine trails. The transportation departments have the authority to post formal directional signs to wineries. These signs are most often purchased by the participating wineries. Check with each state to find out what their specific trail signs look like so you can become familiar with them.

Not all states offer formal, state designated wine trails, however, as wine tasting to grows as a significant part of a states tourist industry, more and more states are working together and forming these alliances, which benefit everyone. They bring customers to their agricultural businesses and tourist to their states, ultimately generating more revenue for the state and its residents. So although many states may not currently offer this feature to tourists, you can be certain that in time they will. In states where the government has yet to join with wineries to create official wine trails, local wineries often band together to create their own trails. These wine trails created only by the joint efforts of wineries are, in more cases, equally enjoyable and organized. You'll just need to research them outside of the state's tourism bureaus.

No matter what wine trail you follow, you're sure to taste some great wines along the way. So use the map above and choose a state to find a great wine trail and get started!

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