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Wine tours are available to visitors nearly everywhere there are wineries. A guided wine tour is an excellent, and safe way to taste wines from a variety of vineyards in every state. But there's more to wineries besides tasting their wines. Even those who choose not to drink can explore the beauty and fine art of wine making. You can explore the wine country of many states by limousine, carriage, train, plane, and even hot air balloon! Obviously some of these tours don't allow for a stop at each winery, but they do allow for some spectacular views and amazing perspective. When it comes to touring wineries, there is something for everyone. If you do choose a tour that allows for stops along the way, individual wineries offer tours of their vineyards, where the grapes are harvested, their crush pads, where the grapes are destemmed and crushed, their fermentation tanks, cellars or caves, and tasting rooms. There is so much to see and learn about on these tours, you'll be truly impressed. Most wineries offer public tours while other offer wineries offer more exclusive, private tours which can be arranged by the tour company you choose. Many wineries offer some culinary treats as well, and areas for picnicking and relaxing. But if you want to see more than one winery, you'll need to keep your visits somewhat brief so you can move on to the next stop. Talk to the tour company to lean more about what kinds of wine tours they offer that will best fit your needs. If you are looking for a more detailed tour, consider picking just one or two wineries and contact them directly to see what their tours entail. Above all, wine tasting should be fun, and safe. So a guided tour that puts you in the passenger seat is always the best way to go. Choose a state from the map above to find tour companies or wineries offering public tours and get started!

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