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In the past, wine-lovers searching for that perfect bottle of wine needed to visit their local beer & liquor store. As America's fascination with wine has grown, so has the wine industry. As more and more wineries crop up from coast to coast, so do wine retailers. Wine lovers have more choices than ever when it comes to where they can buy their favorite bottle of red wine. Wine shops, wine stores, wine cellars, and other gourmet or specialty wine shops often feature a much larger wine selection than standard liquor stores. Additionally, the staff in these wine shops are quite often well versed in the world of wine, which means that while you're picking up yor favorite red, they may be able to recommend a wonderful new white wine to accompany that seafood dinner you're cooking then next night. Some shops even come staffed with sommeliers or wine experts who will be happy to share their picks for great wines and well as their knowledge. Need another reason to visit one of these great wine retailers? How about wine tasting events! Yes, some of these great wine shops host wine tastings or events where local, national, and international wines are featured. These events are can be fun, intimate, informative, and delicious. In our state wine shop listings, Wine Bar Wineries strives to feature wine shops, wine cellars, wine stores, gourmet wine and wine specialty shops first and foremost. And of those, we always prefer to list independently owned retailers over major chains, Only in instances where we were unable to specifically locate a "wine store" did we list any general liquor stores. So pick a state on the map above and find a wine retailer near you!

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