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Wine bars are popping up all over the US it seems, and each one offers something unique and extraordinary. Some are cozy and casual while others are more upscale and posh. Whatever your tastes in ambiance and decor, you can be certain you'll taste great wine at these wine bars, bistros, cafes, and tasting rooms. Most wine bars offer unique cuisine choices too. From fine dining and full meals to the more trendy "tapas" style menus, which offer small portions, allowing diners to taste lots of different great foods rather than larger entrees. Wine bars also have a wine knowledgeable staff, always ready to make suggestions to help you find new wines and old favorites to try. And when it comes to trying new wines, ask your wine bar server or bartender if they offer wine flights. Wine flights are an excellent way to sample several different wines without down glass after full glass. Another wonderful about wine bars, not to be overlooked, is that they can be wonderful places for beginning wine-lovers to get a little wine knowledge under their belts. These wine bars, cafes, and bistros do a great job of demonstrating how to pair wine with food. And still more even have small retail areas where customers can purchase a bottle of their night's favorite to take home and enjoy with their own culinary creations. Wine bars really can offer everything short of a winery tour, by offering amazing wines to taste and buy, great food, and knowledge all under one chic roof. From LA to NY, and most every town in between, there are great wines to be tasted in cool comforts of a wine bar! Within Win Bar Wineries, we've selected wine bars based on customer ratings. In instances where we were unable to locate specific "wine bars" we opted to include cafes and bistros that have a reputation for offering exceptional wine lists and selections. So get started by picking a state on the map above and discover the winebars inside the map above and discover the winebars inside!

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