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Which US States have Organic Wineries?



Organic wineries are most often found in the states which boast the most wineries overall. In a state like Alaska, where wineries are few and far between, finding an organic winery is very unlikely, but there are surprises out there. We've composed this list of states which are home to at least one organic winery or vineyard. Although organic wineries may not be everywhere and in every state, there are many more wineries which utilize strict sustainable farming practices, and that is a great thing too. The process of organic certification is a difficult and long road, so many wineries are in transition to organic, but currently lack certification. Some larger wineries offer a selection of organic wines but do not produce them exclusively. Out of 51 US states, we've found 18 states who can claim an organic winery or two, (or 100) for themselves.

Alaska (0) Illinois (0) North Carolina (0) South Carolina (0)
Alabama (0) Indiana (0) North Dakota (0) South Dakota (0)
Arkansas (0) Kansas (1) Nebraska (0) Tennessee (1)
Arizona (3) Kentucky (0) New Hampshire (0) Texas (0)
California (100+) Louisiana (0) New Jersey (1) Utah (0)
Colorado (2) Massachusetts (0) New Mexico (0) Virginia (1)
Connecticut (0) Maryland (0) Nevada (0) Vermont (0)
Delaware (0) Maine (1) New York (4) Washington (3)
Florida (1) Michigan (1) Ohio (0) Washington D.C. (0)
Georgia (0) Minnesota (0) Oklahoma (0) Wisconsin (1)
Hawaii (0) Missouri (0) Oregon (6) West Virginia (0)
Iowa (1) Mississippi (0) Pennsylvania (3) Wyoming (0)
Idaho (2) Montana (2) Rhode Island (0)  


The rise of Green living, and natural forms of agriculture has created an interest in finding organic wineries and wine makers. Organic wineries produce wines without the use of added sulfites during the bottling process, and pesticides in the growing process. These types of wineries, albeit few, can be found more and more across the country. Major wine producing states like California, Washington, and Oregon lead the way in this area, however, they are popping up in other states as well. Most of these organic wineries operate on a small scale and have a unique feel and warmth to them. Despite the absense of sulfites and pesticides, these lovely vineyards often produce award winning red and white wines that meet all the standards to certify them organic. If you would like to find an organic winery in your area, choose a state from the list above to find out more about organic wines and wineries!

US Organic Wineries by State

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