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California Wineries & Vineyards

California Winery Map

California wineries... hmmm, where to begin? California is the US leading producer of wine. It actually ranks fourth in the world for wine production. With more than 1200 wineries operating within the state, growing more than 60 varietals of grapes, California is the end-all be-all of American wine. It is the place most everyone thinks of when they think wine. California wines compete with French, Italian, and other foreign wines and consistently come out on top. The state's unique geography allows for exceptional growing conditions. Its long Pacific coast line, mild climate, and rich soil create the perfect environment for grape growing. Most grapes are grown and wines are produced between the Pacific coast and the Central Valley, but visitors to all parts of California will find that this state's rich wine-growing history evident in it's restaurants, nightlife, and tourism. So whether you're visiting cities like San Francisco, Sacramento, and Long Beach you can usually find a winery and opportunities to taste amazing California wines close by.

Each California winery offers something a little different from the next, and vineyards can be found in nearly every region of this great state. Click on the map at the top of the page to find wineries within a specific region of California and take a closer look at what's available in your area. California's urban centers of Oakland and Los Angeles have chic downtown wine bars. CA wine bars like Enotria Cafe & Wine Bar, Side Door Cafe, and Vin De Syrah Spirit & Wine Parlor, are great places to taste local wines and cuisines without ever leaving the city. If you decide to head to a California winery or vineyard, you'll be impressed by the beautiful natural landscape you'll see along the way. Let our website help you find wineries and tours and trails. Learn all you need to know about what California wine country has to offer.


With wineries to be found in just about every region of California, enthusiasts can find something pleasing to the palate. With amazing wineries like Fanucchi Vineyards, Ridge Vineyards, and Sterling Vineyards, wine tasting in CA is unique and exciting. These and other California vineyards produce both reds and whites. The cities of Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lake, and Los Angeles are just a short distance from California wineries and vineyards. Depending upon what time of year you plan to be in California, you can attend an California fine wine or food festival like In Love with Redwood Valley - A Day of Wine, Spirits, and Chocolate in February, Mammoth Wine & Jazz in September or Art of Food & Wine in Palm Desert in Fall and sample some great food prepared by local chefs and accompanied by local and national wines. Events like these give visiting and resident wine lovers opportunities to really experience the unique charms of California wine-making. Whatever your wine tastes, California's wine country is sure to please everyone!

For additional California Winery & Vineyard information including wine bars, wine tours, and wine festivals, you can contact the California Division of Tourism at P.O. Box 1499, Sacramento, CA 95812-1499 Telephone: 916-444-4429.



Wineries & Vineyards in CA

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