California Wine Shops, Stores and Cellars
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California Wine Shops, Cellars, and Stores

California Wine Shops Map

The rise in the popularity and interest in wine has resulted in the increase of California wine shops. These wine stores are more than the usual liquor store. In cities like Napa, Redding, Los Angeles and Long Beach there are wine cellars that specialize in fine CA wines as well as national and international wines. Some also sell beer and liquor, but more and more are specialized just for wine. They usually have an extensive selection of wines and a friendly and knowledgeable staff that can help you to select the perfect wine for every occasion. The sommelier or wine steward on staff is an excellent resource for any questions you have about wine.

CA Wine Shop Wine Tasting

Wine shops in Truckee, Bishop, Anaheim or Santa Monica may also offer wine tasting events too. That's right! Many CA wine cellars will host wine tasting events where customers can sample new wines and get more detailed information about the wine regions they come from. Every California wine shop is different. They each offer unique wines and may specialize in specific wines from specific CA wineries. Often at these events, the wine shop will feature wines from a particular winery or a representative from a winery will come to present their wines and answer questions. All you need to do is arrive thirsty and ready to taste great wine! And often the featured wines are available at a savings. You can also purchase wines by the case if you find one you really love. If it turns out to be a local wine you love, you can find out more about that particular winery and make plans to tour that California winery. So if you want a great selection of wines to choose from, visit PS Wine Shop, The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, The Pour House Wine Shop, and Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant and see what these and other excellent CA wine shops have to offer. As always, Wine Bar Wineries is here to help you find the perfect wine store to buy great wines.

For more information about California Wine shops, cellars, and stores, contact the California Division of Tourism at P.O. Box 1499, Sacramento, CA 95812-1499 Telephone: 916-444-4429.



Wine Shops, Stores and Cellars in CA

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