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About Wine Bar Wineries

Wine Bar Wineries originated in Phoenix, Arizona and was created with the desire to create a website that would provide a one-stop approach to visitors looking for information about local wineries and wine bars.

Wine Bar Wineries is unique in its design in that it is not cluttered by unrelated information. Its purpose is to take visitors though the entire process of locating great places to taste a wide variety of local wines throughout all 50 US states.

Many successful years in the travel business combined with a love of fine wines, the creators of Wine Bar Wineries decided it was time to merge their ideas and create the perfect place on the web for wine enthusiasts to find everything they needed.

Despite the huge amount of ever changing information regarding winereies and wine bars, the creators of Wine Bar Wineries are committed to bringing you the most current and comprehensive information available. This will be a long and ever-changing process as new and exciting places and ideas are created every day, but they remain dedicated to bringing visitors great information about Wine Bars & Wineries!



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