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The US is a world leader in producing outstanding wines, both red and white and of nearly all varietals. California is the fourth largest producer in the world and for that reason it is the state most people think of when they think of wine. With over 60,000 different labels, Northern California's Sonoma County draws enthusiasts from all over the world to tour it's amazing array of vineyards. However, many other states like Washington and Oregon are rising to national and international distribution and acclaim. What most enthusiasts might not know is that a winery can be found in every state within the united states, with the exception of Washington DC. This means that wherever you live or vacation, you can almost always go tasting and tour wineries! Whether you enjoy red or white, whether you prefer dark and bold flavors or light and fruity overtones, there are a vast amount of vineyards in the US growing and producing wide varieties that will fall in love with. Nearly all of these offer visitors the opportunity to taste and buy a bottle or two of their favorites. You can even get discounts when you purchase by the case rather than in single bottles. Some wineries offer public and private tours of their facilities and in states where there are a larger community of growers, wine trails can provide you the chance to visit several wineries in an afternoon, or over the course of several days.

Wine Bars for Wine Tasting.

The dramatic rise in the in the interest in wine has created new and exciting way for you to find and taste this amazing nectar. Specialty bars are popping up in nearly every city and even some smaller towns across the country. These wine bars are unique venues for drinking your favorites and sampling something new. In these style of kitchen wine bars, menus are designed around the wines they offer and their lists are extensive. Many also include a small retail area where visitors can purchase their favorites as well. So if perhaps you can't make it out to a nearby winery, you can stop in for a sip or two at one of these hip spots.

Wine & Food Festivals.

Wine festivals and food festivals are an excellent way to taste exciting new styles and varietals. These can be a great alternative to driving from one vineyard or tasting room to the next. At these festivals, growers come together to showcase their products to the public. Many of these festivals work in conjunction with local chefs and restaurants offering fine cuisines to accompany their wines.

Buy Red and White Wines at Wine Shops.

Specialty shops, stores, and cellars are getting in on the action too. More and more of they offer special tasting events to patrons where specific growers are often featured. These can be great places to learn about a different varietals from real experts. Although many carry a full selection of beers and liqours, some are more dedicated to their wine selection. Knowledgable staff can help you select the perfect Pinot or Chardinay to accompany a meal, or help you choose a bottle of red or white to give as a gift.

A Romantic Winery Wedding.

Brides and grooms who share a love of wine are more and more choosing to say "I do" while looking out over beautiful vineyards. With that in mind, many offer exquisite facilities for these ceremonies and receptions. Winery weddings provide the opportunity for small, family owned growers to introduce their harvests to wedding guests, and the happy couple often sends guests home with a delightful bottle of rich red or sparkling white as a gift. As a larger number of vineyards begin to offer wedding services, many have a designated coordinator on staff as well as catering and entertainment options.

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